Tuesday, January 25, 2011

State of the Union Guests

I like to have my students guess as to who will be in the gallery besides the first lady.  Having "prop people" used as a visual is a device started by Ronald Reagan and discussed in this article from today's WashPost.  The articles doesn't mention that all presidents keep a list of such "prop people" and use them in speeches around the country to highlight their speeches - nor that Obama will soon start a "tour" to promote his main points and go only to states or districts that the White House considers swing votes. Above is a "Qwiki" for perhaps the most famous "prop," Lenny Skutnik, used by Reagan to show his herorism. 


Terry Family said...

I’ve just come across your blog and love it!!! I teach introductory Political Science courses at a Community College and a private Medical College. Most of my classes are online and your resources will go a long way in helping the students understand the fundamental principles and concepts; not to mention the current events! It’s also very important that in a virtual educational environment, that I’m incorporating as much technology as possible. Today’s students learn in a very different way than you and I did. Plus, I’m also a tech nerd! Thanks again for all your efforts! I look forward to perusing your past posts and reading the one to come. Have a great day! K.Terry

Ken Halla said...

Thanks for the comments. If you ever find a resource that might be helpful, please e-mail it to me. Ken