Friday, July 2, 2010

AP US Government Course Online
Okay, so this is a shameless plug (!), but after ten years as an AP grader (and twelve years teaching it at both high school and college) I believe I have mastered what it takes to do well on the AP exam as 25% of my students earned a perfect "5" on the AP exam last year (and for those who like stats, it was in a school w. 64% minorities and 27% free and reduced lunch - in fact I was pretty psyched that my minority - white gap was nil). So I have (along w. my co-blogger, Frank Franz) created a completely online AP US Government class that uses tons of online links, projects and video. The course is very cheap to take and you can do it with no textbook (or perhaps the Barron's AP US Government study guide). So if your school doesn't have enough kids for a class or your district won't teach AP Gov in the brick and mortar setting, this might be the alternative with the new company Zulama.


美恭美恭美恭 said...
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Kathy said...

how much is it?

Anonymous said...

Contact me if you're interested in pricing, it depends on how many students, and a few other factors.
-Nikki Navta, CTO Zulama