Friday, February 26, 2010

CNN Student News
With the health care summit yesterday, this is a good time to showcase CNN's Student News which has short stories on yesterday's news.

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Casey Thurston said...

I use CNN Student News daily in my 12th grade government and economics class. It is absolutely amazing to me how many students do not watch the news or have any concept about what is going on across the world today.

Student News is a 10 minute free commerical free broadcast. Teaching in a block period, it is a fantastic way to utlitize current events and I have found that on numerous occassions the day's topics can be incorporated into what I'm discussing in government that day.

What I have noticed now is that students actually enjoy watching the news. If there's a day with a crazy schedule at our school and we can't watch it, they get upset about it. Some will now even grab a newspaper that I have in my room to get more local news and expand on what CNN covers.

Great program.