Thursday, November 19, 2009

Executive Branch/Bureaucracy
For those of you who care, here is my PowerPoint for our next unit on the executive branch and the bureaucracy. You will notice that I have a link to Bush because it is a great video showing the oval office and Obama has not yet made a similar one.


B. Harmicar said...

How do you get your powerpoints in the slide box? I've tried but I'm unable to do it.


History Blog said...

If by "slide box" you mean embed, then you go into your Google Docs folder and click on the share button (upper left corner) and publish it. Google Docs then gives you the code. You can also get the link so that you could put it on your Moodle or Blackboard site so your students could easily get to it. - Ken

B. Harmicar said...

Thanks Ken.