Thursday, July 23, 2009

Text Your Students with E-mail
I always get my students' e-mails and will occasionally send them a message. It is frustrating that half of them never check. In fact even after they e-mail me, they don't look for a reply. Normally I am much more advanced technologically, but this is certainly an example of where I am a digital immigrant. But here is a way to use cell phones, but not in the classroom. You could set up a database with their cell phone numbers and then add the code below depending on their cell phone and then they will receive a text. Certainly this way the kids will get the message. (Obviously this is one you'd want to check with the parents first to make sure they don't mind)









Just replace [10DigitNumber] with the ten digit phone number you are trying to reach (area+ local number).


BN said...

Sounds like a very good idea to use with students.

But, it sounds like an even better idea to use with parent's cell phones. They could get a text each night with their students homework.

Matt said...

Thanks Ken, I plan on trying this in my classroom next year.

blueboon said...
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