Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Way to Look at the Election
Click on the picture above to see a bigger form of it. It might be useful to show your students, esp. since the rural vote used to be more Democratic. Also it can be used to show the students that political scientists need to ask question such as "What is a suburb?" In this case does it include exoburbs (more Republican) or the inner suburbs (more Democratic) and also as a way to discuss how the landscape has changed over the year. For ex.m we needed Baker v. Carr since the legislatures were controlled by the rural members who were losing people to the cities or many localities on property (houses) when this tax base harkens back to when the majority of our people were more agrarian based and therefore it made sense to tax land (for that matter look at an inner suburb and if you see a lot of houses that are long and narrow, it's because localities used to tax the width of the front of the house - hence the narrowness).

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